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Intelligent Computer Systems Lab!

Our research group is building hardware computing platforms toward artificial intelligence (AI) enabled world. 

The Intelligent Computing System lab has some openings for graduate students.


We are seeking candidates who have backgrounds or interests in some of below. 


- Digital HW system design

- HDL based HW designs (Verilog HDL or VHDL)

- FPGA (reconfigurable computing)

- Embedded systems (Micro-controller unit based systems)

- Computer Architecture/VLSI

- System-on-Chips

- Embedded Software

- Tensor flow (Caffe, Torch, PyTorch, etc)

- Machine Learning

- Artificial Intelligence

- CUDA programming

- C/C++

- Matlab

- Deep Learning algorithms

- Algorithms for optimization

- Scripts (Python/Perl, Shell)

- etc

If you are interested in our research group, please send email to lwk@khu.ac.kr with your CV and explain how your skills or interests are matched.

Kyung Hee University

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